Guess who’s coming to dinner…

This is where my list ends. There are a lot more people that i admire but if i met all these people; i’d die content.


Traditionalism VS Feminism

I’m part of a cultural group whose customs and identity is quickly being eroded by the times. What now if half of that group begins to redefine their ‘role’ in the group and therefore change what it means to be a Motswana Woman? Is feminism really a positive tool if we’re trying to preserve a culture thats so rapidly dying?

Before I go to bed

But when the lights are switched off and there’s not an audience-member in sight, I have one big fear when it comes to death. I’m piss-scared of dying in my sleep.

Tucked safely within the folds of winter blankets,

K. Siyanda M. creates her playground…

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