I am writing. You are speaking. She is whispering. Listen.

All great things come in whispers. Secrets between best friends. Secrets between lovers. Secrets between the spiritual and their gods. Secrets between atheists and logic. Secrets between the universe and a desperate writer that has foolishly given herself a three-month deadline to complete her first book.


Darling, I have writer’s block.

Sometimes I think a word is coming to me. I freeze my muscles in anticipation. My fingers poised readily over the keys.

It seems it is 2011 now.

…thanks to the great amount of reading I have been doing in the past few weeks [my new blog entries] will be far more informative and perhaps even provocative (as most truths tend to be).

  • Hey, you.

    Thank you for reading through the ole b.l.o.g. I hope that you have been thoroughly satisfied. Let me know what you have for lunch, hey? Cheers.