I am writing. You are speaking. She is whispering. Listen.

I am still suffering from writer’s block.

It is, however, impossible for me to spend the billions of years online, that I do and Not. Do. Something. Productive. I cannot do it. You must know one thing about me: you know that aunt of yours that somehow always manages to make you feel dreadfully guilty for not phoning her, even though we both know you cannot stand her? Well, that’s the kind of RED-level guilt I wallow in quite regularly. I live perpetually between two states of emotion: Guilt and Exhaustion. Right Now? I feel both.

So I write.

I have been keeping my mind open to inspiration.

I have been keeping my feet rooted in the ground.

I have been keeping my closed-eyelids facing towards the sun.

In the hope that something will whisper in my ear. Words. Ideas. Lies.

But I realize now: There is too much noise to hear a whisper. All great things come in whispers. Secrets between best friends. Secrets between lovers. Secrets between the spiritual and their gods. Secrets between atheists and logic. Secrets between the universe and a desperate writer that has foolishly given herself a three-month deadline to complete her first book.

Great things are whispered.

My point? The world has grown too noisy. Why do we feel we must talk so much? Why do we feel we must share so much?

I ask because I cannot answer. I am a writer. I am the queen of TMI. I am a teenager. We reveal. We emote. We lie.

But I will keep asking. Do you ever ask yourself if every word in the pharagraph you are just about to utter is useful?

Do you have to say ‘like’ out of context six-hundred-and-ninety-four-point-two-three times?

I’m going to take the self-righteous route and guess, no.

Going In.

An what of the ear?

Are you selective about what you listen to? About what you read? About what Youtube video you watch? If you begin to sit down and think about your daily life, how important would some of the information you spent time ingesting be? If you allow the noise of unnecessary things to flood your input channels, you will not be able to listen to the universe, god(dess), ocean, sun, spirit, soul, mind whisper words of inspiration to you.

You will not hear the great secrets.

Whispering Hope by Gale Franey (Click to find source)

MOOD: so-so

MUSIC: none. (achievement!)

LOCATION: Study room in Africa. (Hot)


A QUESTION FOR THE READER: Do you ever log online and

end up someplace completely different than where you intended?

Have you ever forgotten why you logged on in the first place?

6 Responses to “I am writing. You are speaking. She is whispering. Listen.”
  1. V. Wolpendz says:

    Great things do come in whispers. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  2. short poems says:

    Great post and lovely blog!

  3. LKD says:

    Seriously, love your blog! Keep writing the whispers,

    And since you asked, I had coffee for lunch!


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    Thank you for reading through the ole b.l.o.g. I hope that you have been thoroughly satisfied. Let me know what you have for lunch, hey? Cheers.
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