Darling, I have writer’s block.

I have Β been staring at a blank Microsoft Word Document every day at eleven-PM for the past two weeks like clockwork.

Willing the words to pour out of me, my fingers linger above the keyboard like vultures hovering over carcasses.

The screen taunts me. The white glow of nothingness reflecting off my face, illuminating the facial expression of complete hopelessness.

I keep my mind calm and try to figure out what the word is that the universe is sending me. Is that a ‘P-‘ the word starts with?

But just as fast as it comes to me it is gone. I sigh and drop my head on down-turned wrists. Maybe tomorrow.

5 Responses to “Darling, I have writer’s block.”
  1. V. Wolpendz says:

    *LOL* It happens to every writer. Every one! Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. Just leave it and write when you are inspired to do so. Also, you can call inspiration when you want it. It is always there waiting to be called. You just need to learn how you to call it (it is different for every person) and once you have found THE CALL… you won’t have as much writer’s block.

    For me, writer’s block happens when there is something I “can’t” speak about. When I have something I must not speak about, I usually can’t write until I have let it all out. πŸ™‚ So, look within. Sit quietly and explore your mind. You probably have a lot of thoughts and just can’t choose one. πŸ™‚

    Good Luck! This too shall pass.

    Writing about writer’s block usually ends it.



    • Sisi says:

      Thank you! I’ll take your advice. I think doing yoga will work for me, huh?


      • V. Wolpendz says:

        Most definitely. Inspiration is merely a frequency, and when you quieten your mind, as one does in yoga, then you can be in charge of your mind and tune it to the frequency you desire.

        If you do yoga, then you know about chakras, and writing is communicating and therefore it is the throat chakra that we are dealing with. So, do some investigations to find out how you can activate or unblock you throat chakra. Yaga is great for that as it balances and reactivates all chakras.


    • Sisi says:

      Yes, I know some kundalini yoga routines that I am familiar with that target the throat chakra. I’ll have to practise those with the intention to be inspired in mind. Thanks, as always, Veronnica. πŸ™‚

  2. Mogale says:

    I write because I am worried. I have been very dilusive in thinking that the remains, in this case the existence, of apartheid is a simple matter to deal with. Rather, I did not think that apartheid could be so openly and aggresively displayed. I must have unwittingly resorted to thinking that issues of racism are only at the debating table, and could be thrashed out by showing the other party one’s stronger point of view. I was wrong.

    This time I know I am right and do not, for a whim doubt or apologise for this view. Apartheid exists! It exists in its very raw form. I saw it with my naked two eyes. In fact, it was directed at me, whereupon a bystander was viciously attacked by two white men at a fuel station in the secluded town of Secunda.I think this is in Mpumalanga Province in South Africa. This is how it happened.

    We arrived at the parking in front of the gas station at more or less the same time with two white men in their late twenties who were on a motor bike. Because they were still at the parking bay when I arrived at the ATM, I assumed I was next on line and proceeded to process my banking. One of the men rudely shouted at me, “hey you, sh*t swart man, jou p$#ie” I assumed he was saying that he came first. But because of the tone and use of foul language, an innocent bystander, not in any words, expressed surprise. The angry man then quickly turned on him and gave a knock, and then another one, followed by another on his head with his hard helmet. He went into an uncontrolled rage and continued hitting this man and shouting racial words that insulted all black people I could think of. Had it not been for the intervention of some white shoppers, who expressed clear embarassment at the action, I might have also been attacked in the same way. I was shocked.

    It is acts like these that keep reminding me that Blacks have somewhat “forgiven the whites for apartheid” and yet whites are not doing much to help the situation. I was traumatised when i got in my car and drove out of that town and country. I still am.

    The incident has not only shocked me, but also gave me an opportunity to reflect and introspect on whether SA has really made any meaningful progress in terms of people’s mindset? Can Blacks really trust whites, and vise versa? How deep is this racial devide?, Or was it a once off- incident? But then, we hear of reports where workers in farms are slain, and treated worse than dogs. Are we going or coming? How do the young generation think about their current situation? How do they perceive the future in the midst of all these outbursts? I am perplexed! I am dissonant! I am pained! Perhaps we need to give up, and stop pretending. But then also, what is the price of giving up as opposed to pretending that things are ok?

    Gaborone, Botswana

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